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Metal Marble Decorative Aluminum Sheet Coil

Brand :Alkonce

Product origin :Zhengzhou

Delivery time :30 days

Supply capacity :3000 tons/month

Marble aluminum sheet have PE, PVDF, FEVE coating, bright color and strong durability is not easy to fade. Color is divided into pure color, stone grain, Marble aluminum sheet and embossing coil , Colored aluminum to meet the needs of different uses. and Marble aluminum sheet Can Be customized according to customer specifications and colors.

Marble aluminum sheet Strict quality control, each batch of products have to go through strict raw materials, paint and finished products testing, for indoor decoration products with SGS environmental testing certificate. To ensure that each batch of products meet customer requirements.

We constantly innovative research and development, embossing coating thickness with the world's leading level, outdoor solar mirror reflectivity 95% , Marble aluminum sheet 15-20 years warranty, anti-oxidation and corrosion, to the leading level.

Marble aluminum sheet

Marble pattern prepainted aluminum sheet for wall tiles

Marble aluminum sheet coil for wall tiles:  is a kind of new style color coated metal sheet. Metal Marble aluminum sheet not only has metal's good strength and processing properties, but also has film's excellent decoration property, corrosion-resistance property, weather resistance property, easy-to-clean property and so on.Stone Grain Aluminum Plate, widely used in the field of building decoration, not only can achieve the decorative effect of stone, but also solid, recyclable. Our PVDF coating will last 20 years outside.Welcome to contact us with E-mail and Phone!

Product Specification
Product Name
Marble pattern prepainted aluminum coil for wall tiles
Aluminum 1000series,3000series,5000series
≤1250 mm
Interior Diameter
508 mm-610 mm
External Diameter 
Coil Weight 
0.5~3.0 Tons
6 Tons
Acid Resistance
Surface immersed with 5%HCL(V/V) for 24H without change(PVDF,48H)
Solvent Resistance
Brushing 100 times with butanone no appearance to bottom(PVDF,200times)
The coating color is almost the same as confirmed by buyer and seller,the color difference tested by colorimeter between single coating and sample is less than 1.2( ΔE≤1.2),same lot products color difference ΔE≤1.0

Marble aluminum sheet

Marble aluminum sheet

Marble aluminum sheet

Marble aluminum sheet

Metal Marble aluminum sheet With the development of modern architectural design and standards, the traditional curtain wall materials slowly exposed various defects.

After years of research and experiments,our curtain wall materials and equipment development team 

finally invented a new generation of marble colored alumnum sheet .

Marble aluminum sheet


1.Why choose us ?

Integrated raw material production enterprises,more cost-saving and quality assurance.

2.Our advantage

We have our own research team, and keeping us develop.

3. How many color produce?

Please contact me , I will send the catalog to you.

If you have any question,please feel free to contact me at any time.

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