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  • FEVE Colored Aluminum Coil

    FEVE Colored Aluminum Coil

    1. FEVE colored aluminum coil with a variety of colors, suitable for office buildings, billboards, airports, etc. , not easy to scratch, non-fading, quality guarantee period 20 years. 2.Our FEVE colored aluminum coil are stamped into discs, triangles, supplied to Europe, where they are applied to billboards. The paint does not crack during stamping. Received the customer consistent high praise, also saved the customer the cost. 3.We have more than 100 sets of stamping tools, to meet the requirements of different customers, no need to re-customized tools,FEVE colored aluminum coil monthly output of 3000 tons.

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  • Black Colored Mirror Aluminum Sheet

    Black Colored Mirror Aluminum Sheet

    1.The Black Colored Mirror Aluminum main products of mirror aluminum plate are 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx aluminum alloy plate, mirror aluminum plate is mainly used in lighting, interior decoration, electronic products shell, signs and other fields. 2.The Black Colored Mirror Aluminum Main Equipment: one (1+4) tandem hot rolling production line, 23 continuous casting production lines, 9 cold-rolling mills, 7 foil rolling mills, 3 sets embossing lines, 4 Germany automatic roller coating processing lines, 2 mirror polishing machines, tension levelers, flying shears, high speed slitting machines 4 sets, annealing furnaces, etc.

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  • Soft Temper And Embossed Treatment Colored Aluminum Foil Rolls

    Soft Temper And Embossed Treatment Colored Aluminum Foil Rolls

    1. Embossed aluminum plates are used for decoration, non-slip, thermal insulation wall, Curtain Wall and so on 2. The Embossed Treatment Colored Aluminum shape is various, the color custom-made, satisfies the different demand 3. The Embossed Treatment Colored Aluminum alloys range from 1 series to 8 series, satisfying different industries 4. 100,000 tons a year 5. Best-selling world

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  • PVDF Color Plain Coated Aluminum Coil

    PVDF Color Plain Coated Aluminum Coil

    Products have PE, PVDF, FEVE coating, PVDF Color Plain Coated Aluminum Coil has bright color and strong durability is not easy to fade. Color is divided into pure color, stone grain, wood grain and embossing coil , Colored aluminum to meet the needs of different uses. and coated aluminum Can Be customized according to customer specifications and colors. Strict quality control, each batch of products have to go through strict raw materials, paint and finished products testing, for indoor decoration products with SGS environmental testing certificate. To ensure that each batch of products meet customer requirements. We constantly innovative research and development, embossing coating thickness with the world's leading level, outdoor solar mirror reflectivity 95% , 15-20 years warranty, anti-oxidation and corrosion, to the leading level.

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