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  • Brilliant Mirror Aluminum Sheet For Light And Solar

    Brilliant Mirror Aluminum Sheet For Light And Solar

    Brilliant mirror aluminum With the gradual improvement of people's aesthetic level, people They tend to use mirror aluminum plate and other metal materials background wall to enhance the overall aesthetic. As a kind of background wall form with great impact, mirror aluminium decoration is favored for the following five reasons: 1. Brilliant mirror aluminum is a lightweight material, reducing the load on the wall, providing a better choice for interior decoration; 2, the Brilliant mirror aluminum surface aluminum its reflection effect lets the background wall simultaneously have the practicality and the decoration, causes the room and the office to be able to obtain the high-end, the bright enjoyment; 3, whether it is transportation, installation, cleaning and other construction operations are easier to implement; 4. Mirror aluminum has excellent processing performance, can fully adapt to a variety of complex shape design, and can To process various types of curve lines, to give designers with a huge play space to expand the interior designer design space; 5. High cost performance, very low maintenance costs, long service life. Mirror aluminum plate has a good decorative effect and excellent processing performance, so that it has become a number of decorative manufacturers flocking to the material.

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