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What is the decorative use of aluminum decorative panels?

Brief introduction of aluminum decorative board.

Aluminum decorative board, from another point of view (decorative role), including: aluminum veneer, aluminum composite board, aluminum pattern plate, aluminum buckle plate, aluminum decorative insulation board and so on.


The surface of the aluminum decorative board is generally covered with a peelable plastic protective film to protect the surface from damage in the process of processing and installation.

Characteristics of aluminum decorative panels.


Aluminum decorative board has excellent properties such as light weight, high strength, good stiffness, corrosion resistance, durability and so on.


Aluminum decorative board, its surface after anodizing, can do a variety of coating treatment, including: roll coating, spraying, plastic spraying, pressing, etc., to form different decorative surfaces and colors, which can be applied to the suspended ceiling, internal and external walls, partitions, and even the ground of buildings.

aluminum composite panel

Aluminum veneer.

Aluminum veneer is a building decoration material formed by coating treatment (roll coating, spraying) after chromizing and other treatment of aluminum plate.

It has good performance, anti-corrosion, easy to wash, different colors can be obtained after surface treatment, the plate is flat, the cutting size is accurate, and it is easy to install.

Widely used in wall decoration.


aluminum plate

Aluminum honeycomb core composite panel

Aluminum honeycomb core composite board is an aluminum alloy sheet with 0.2~0.7mm outer surface, honeycomb structure made of aluminum foil, glass cloth or fiber in the central layer, and decorative board with coating treatment on the surface of the aluminum plate.

Aluminum honeycomb composite board is mainly used for building curtain walls, and can also be used for indoor walls, roofs, ceilings, wrapped columns and other engineering parts.

It is a relatively high-grade decorative material.

Aluminum honeycomb core composite panel

Aluminum pattern plate 

Aluminum pattern plate, also known as aluminum sheet, aluminum roll plate, aluminum anti-skid plate, aluminum corrugated plate, is made of aluminum alloy plate and rolled with a patterned drum.

The pattern of aluminum pattern plate is beautiful and generous, not easy to wear, good anti-skid performance.

It is also a widely used new type of decorative material, which can be used for metope, roofing and ground decoration. 

aluminum composite panel

Aluminum perforated plate


Aluminum perforated plate is a kind of aluminum decorative board which is drilled and formed according to a certain design pattern on the surface of aluminum alloy plate or aluminum composite plate.

Aluminum perforated plate, often used for sound absorption and sound insulation, light material, high strength, high temperature and high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, fireproof, moisture-proof, good chemical stability.

The utility model has the advantages of beautiful shape, elegant color, strong three-dimensional sense, good decorative effect and easy assembly. 

aluminum plate

Aluminum decorative insulation board

Aluminum decorative insulation board is composed of aluminum-plastic board, flame retardant molded polystyrene foam board or extruded board and other materials. it integrates the functions of heat preservation, waterproofing and decoration, and is produced in the factory and bonded in the field. It is the preferred material to meet the energy-saving needs of houses and to improve the insulation level of industrial and civil buildings.

The utility model is characterized by heat preservation, energy saving, waterproofing and decoration, and the construction is simple.

And the surface layer can make all kinds of color patterns according to the design requirements.

Aluminum honeycomb core composite panel

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