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Product Features

Light weight& heat resistance

The weight load of ACCP is reducing 30% compare to aluminum composite panel(core with plastic) with equivalent allows a wide variety of design options. Installation is quick and easy.For renovation work,cladding can often be install with little or no alteration to existing structural elements.The panel which contain an improved fire safety core,and meets or exceeds the fire safety mandatory requirements for exterior and interior for all architectural.Building use in most countries.

Flexible&Long lasting

ACCP easy routed,drilled,punched,cut,bent,curved and precisely formed via these and other fabrication techniques to achieve small radius curves,reverse curves,angles and other shapes to create dramatic and distinctive designs,10 years warranty makes it an excellent long term solution. ACCP can be easily cleaned with water and a sponge or a soft bristled brush and a mild detergent solution,which will restore the panel to its original appearance.

Weather resistance

ACCP use with nano tech PVDF painting, have the unique aspects of the advantages in the weather resistance,both in the hot sun or cold wind and snow,Are not detract from the beautiful appearance.can reach 20 years not fade. Accp superior corrosion resistance.the excellent coating performances withstand the extreme weather conditions and the ability to performance in aggressive environments consisting of UV radiation,abrasion,acidrain,moisture and salt spray corrosion.Unaffected by the temperature change(80℃ to-50℃)and the most severe UV light conditions.ACCP is not only outstanding but outlasting.

Flatness& high strength

ACCP is excellent in surface smoothness and retains consistency of color.the continuos laminating process results in excellent flatness of the panel by eliminating small distortions remaining in the thin aluminum.Free from distortion and deflection.Durability and rigid.Resistant to blows, breakage and pressure and has high bending, bucking and breaking strength.

Peel strength

ACCP adopt in the new technology,and make the most critical technical indicators-peel strength, to the excellent state, make the firming,weather resistance capability have a prominent improvement.

Easy Process

The weight of the ACCP is only about 2.3-4.5 kg, can reduce the harm caused by the earthquake, and easy handing,its superior construction cpability of a simple carpentry tools to finish the cutting, cut out, plane side,bending into a curved , rectangular and so on can be part with the designer,make various changes.The installation is simple,fast,reduce the construction cost.

Fire resistance

The middle maerila of the ACCP is fire-retardant aluminum core,the surface and back is extremely-diffcult-burn aluminum layer, therefore, it is a fire safety material,can reach with the fire-resistant building codes requirement.

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